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BAD SEASONS is a rock band from Tuzla whose creative work was mainly influenced by Seattle music scene of the 90s. Even though their music has deep roots in this genre their music has evolved through time into one original and authentic musical expression.  In 2014 the band recorded their first studio album “Soulprint” which was the result of many hours spent in the studio where the band mostly experimented with the sound to find that perfect balance between the warmth and dynamics of a live performance. The Album received many positive comments across the region and songs from this album can be heard on couple of the global radio stations such as and Live365 Radio Network. From March 2015, the album can also be seen on the Croatian market under the label of “Slušaj Najglasnije” (Listen Loudest). 

Excerpt from the review of the album “Soulprint”

“... the most important thing of this professionally done album is its solid firmness and roundness of the material, with which BAD SEASONS can proudly be the band with the world class quality. They rerecorded all of their songs from their first demo album “Spellbound” from 2009 and they gave the songs a complete makeover with a lot of firmer sound and authenticity to which you can certainly count on. Songs that were not convincing and in some parts superficial are now abundant in richness of the sound and vocals of Malik on lyric themes of Lejla Terzić, Daliborka Altarac and Damir Pirić are powerful, authoritative and very suggestive.”

Vladimir Horvat Horvi (portal
Zagreb, January 2015

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Some of the most significant performances of BAD SEASONS are:

- Rastok Music fest 2009. - Jelah (BiH)

- Satrigrad Paklenica Film Festival 2011. – Paklenica (Hr)

- Mikrofonija Music Fest 2011. - Tuzla (BiH)

- Rock Marathon 2011. - Jablanica (BiH)

- Prednatjecanje za Rock Otočec, club Hard Place, 2012. - Zagreb, (Hr)

- Mars Moon Fest, Kupaliste Poloj, 2012. - Slavonski Brod (Hr)

- Kaleidoskop Fest 2013 - Tuzla (BiH)

- Dvorana "Gustaf Pekarna" 2013 - Maribor (Slo)

- Klub "Bazen" 2013 - Kranj (Slo)

The Band

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Malik Terzić-Guitar/Vocals
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Damir Pirić-Guitar
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Meho Saračević-Bass Guitar/Vocals
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Sead Hadžić-Drums and Percussion
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